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Anonymous asked:

isn't ur plot dependant on them, though?

shiny-ursaring answered:

Hi there, Shelds. Remember me? I’ve been avoiding tumblr for a while now, but your latest posts were brought to my attention and I couldn’t keep quiet about it.

I remember once we were friends. You were a great guy. We always joked and plotted and did stuff together. I talked about KnK being stressful for me for a while—I don’t know why nobody noticed—and then I deleted the blog. That was, what, six months ago? But I’m sure you remember it clearly. And I’ve seen you make posts about Kyla on formersnorlax, so I KNOW you still take it into consideration.

You ignored me. You continued to make posts and speak on my behalf without actually reaching me—while my deletion was impulsive, I knew I would be more than willing to draw and plot with the people who were still dependent on me. You wouldn’t even respond to friends of mine who were trying to reach you. Do you know how much that hurt? I was nothing more than a character to you, or so it seemed. Of course it hurt. And then to accuse me of blowing you off in favour of this other blog (which I’ve since quit out of disinterest), well… kind of proved how good a friend to me, were you?

I don’t know where this sudden attitude of yours came from, Shelds. You used to be such a nice guy, but now all I see is… Welp. We all hated this word, but it’s true. Elitist. Anyone who isn’t in the ask blog community is inferior to you and your friends, aren’t they? That’s the kind of behaviour I’ve been seeing from not just you, but everyone else who associates with you for the past few months. It’s really a shame, and ultimately what keeps me from rejoining the community.

And for you to claim you don’t care about me anymore? Sure, that’s fine, but don’t forget you killed off your character in a temper tantrum because Kyla was gone. You demonized me and my friends and now you’re trying to pretend none of that ever happened. I don’t care if our characters never associate again, but what you’re doing isn’t exactly what I would call mature.

I know I haven’t always been in the right—in fact, I KNOW I’ve done a lot of asshole things and I’m definitely not going to say I was ever justified in the mistakes I did make. But I’ve since apologized for those things in hopes other people would understand; it’s been hit or miss in that regard, but I’ve been a lot happier away from tumblr, let me tell you. (By the way, if there’s anything I’ve done that you don’t recall me apologizing for that you think I should have, let me know and I’ll either restate my apology or explain myself.)

Take this as you will; I’ve stopped taking the things the ask bloggers say personally because it’s clear you behave in a hive-minded way without actually listening to what anyone is saying. I’ve been keeping this locked away for a long time coming and I’ve had it. I’m finally calling you out and telling you how I feel. If you reply, unless it’s mature and you want to speak to me further, I won’t be reading it.

Have a fine day.

P.S. Sorry for reblogging this twice; I forgot my blog theme didn’t show posts. I’ve fixed it now and wanted to make sure you saw this.